Our Story

Hello!  How are you?  I'm great thanks for asking!  

Paint Store was formed in September of 2015.  My name is John, and I kind of orchestrated this project.  I moved from Hawaii to Richmond in 2012.  I was always an avid guitarist and pretty much always played in a band, but after making the move, found myself with little time to pursue those types of interests.  

In order to keep my guitar noodle active, I started writing instrumental songs using Guitar Pro 6 (highly recommended, by the way).  This was pretty much just for personal enrichment, but after a few years, my schedule became more friendly to being in an actual band, so...............I thought "hey self, let's make a band, we already have some sweet jams put together in GP, so lets use those".  

Very quickly I realized that a trio was the way to go.  It takes a while to rehearse this type of sensual music, so the less is more approach seemed to be the ticket.  I met Jonah Butler via the mighty craigslist, so he became our drummer.  I must add that he is a great drummer, and also has a very professional approach to music, which makes me love him dearly with all my heart.   I've known Natalie Quick for a few years (we work together at the same job), and she agreed to rock the bass and complete the equation.  Natalie is awesome and if you ever get the chance to be in a band with her, do it!  She has such a good balance of musical traits and features!  

So that was pretty much it!  We worked on the songs for quite a while and played our first gig in Harrisonburg at the Golden Pony in May 2016.  It was fun.  This project is fun.  The only goal of this band is to have a good time, and rock the house instrumentally.  You should come check us out at our next gig so we aren't playing to an empty room, but I guess that would be OK as well!  Thanks for checking out our site, hope you like it!