Paint Store EP now available! Oh snap. "Banana in the Tailpipe Syndrome" (See below for details) 

Yay!  Our EP is finally available for listening pleasures.  It's been a while in the works.  It was fun to work on.  This project was originally just going to be a recording one with no intention of ever playing live, but that seems to have changed!  Ironically we ended up playing live several times before the CD was available.  

Check our the web-store to purchase a snazzy download or velveteen physical copy (CD) at this link:

We have shirts available as well, as soon as I can summon the power to drive my brain to command my nimble fingers to push click on a camera and then upload and edit the image and create a product and enter it into the store.  (should be within a day or so) 

Available here in the future:  Link to nowhere, nobody, and nothing (but I would click it if I where using your body to click it)

We are gonna hit the studio once again in early 2017 (Feb-stack?) to start recording the next group of tunes, so stay tuned.  I will be posting some rehearsal videos and drum play throughs in the near future, so keep an eye out for that stuff. 

Thanks for listening!!!!! I love you.

Oh yeah, here is a sample (whole song) of the first song on the disc (directly below this here sentence).  Go ahead and rub it all over your chest!  It's good for dry skin, sore limbs, BO, FO (foot odor), Crotchological stench, Buttological stench, rubberneck, rubberleg, rubberside-panel, as well as treating small dents and scrapes.  

CAUTION: if you stuff it in your vehicular tailpipe, it will cause "banana in the tailpipe syndrome" which is also treatable using Paint Store: Kepler 452-B, but may require twice the dose.